We Trade Crypto Currencies To Build The New Earth

MNE Crypto is an online prop trading firm that makes a lot of money to invest in conscious solutions for Mother Earth and humanity. If you’re inspired to do the same, join us.

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Our why is simple. We want better for humanity and Mother Earth. Money is a powerful tool for manifesting change, FAST (trading helps us make lots of money to produce that change). Crypto will replace FIAT currency, trading is basically a license to create money, and crypto is only in its beginning stages. That’s why.

WE trade Crypto

We trade crypto and build substantial wealth with our team of dedicated traders who want to not only want to grow their personal wealth, but to use that wealth to invest in conscious solutions for a positive future.

THEN invest in mother earth

Trading crypto is a way for us to invest our resources into the solutions that will fix as much of the damage that has been done to our planet with sustainable long terms innovations by the world’s best and brightest.

and in humanity's evolution

Humanity is the problem and solution to our collective future. Our theory is that we can change the world if we invest in conscious people who can solve the world’s greatest challenge we’re currently faced with.

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Need Funding For Your Solution? Let’s Talk.

We’re partnered with a VC firm. If you have a solution to climate change, ending world hunger, creating AI that will make the world a better place (or anything else that’s helpful), we want to hear from you.